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Why choose our upvc doors?

At Just Value Doors we build high quality, cost effective, made to measure upvc doors and windows across the UK. We understand that a new upvc front door (or back door) is an important investment, and one you don't want to regret!

When purchasing one of our upvc external doors, we guarantee it will serve you trouble free for many many years, with a life expectancy of 25 years and a full 10 year guarantee included as standard.

If you've already done some research you may have noticed upvc doors and frames do vary in price and its important not to be fooled into buying a poor quality product. Take a look at some of our upvc door reviews for yourself before you buy.

Security and upvc exterior doors

Being a upvc door company in the uk we know our doors need to be secure, so by using the best quality upvc door frame, including fully reinforced upvc door panels and top quality locks and hardware, security is of top importance and not compromised on.

We believe our high security upvc doors are as secure as they can be as standard and don't require upgrading. Security for upvc doors can often be overlooked when searching for cheap pvc doors so do keep this in mind in your research.

How do upvc back doors operate?

When buying upvc doors online its important to know what your getting and exactly how a diy upvc door will operate. Our upvc front doors come with a multi point locking system as standard and when the locks are engaged there are hooks which lock into the frame, as well as rollers, a dead latch and finally a catch which in turn locks the door in 5 points.

How will my upvc door arrive?

Please remember this only applies to “supply only” orders as if you select our upvc door fitting service it will arrive with the installers as point of the upvc door installation.

Your new upvc door and frame will arrive pre hung in the outerframe ready to install. The upvc door panel we be separate as this must be fitted during the installation. For some guidance on fitting a upvc door please check out our upvc door install guide.

UPVC front doors and side panels

We offer side panels with our upvc doors and these panels are joined using a coupler. We will supply the joining coupler and you can order the side panel by selecting a "frame style" during the customization process.

Cat flaps for upvc doors

We can supply cat flaps in upvc doors and this will be supplied loose unless you choose our door fitting service. A cat flap in a upvc doors can easily be achieved if the botto of the door has a flat panel or glass, however! It's important to remember we don't recommended fitting a cat flap to a door panel that has a decorative moulding that could get in the way. Please enquire about a back door for details.

Coloured upvc doors?

We offer coloured upvc front doors and have a vast selection of 10 stunning colours to choose from. Our upvc coloured doors come with a wood-grain effect as standard. If you would like to see a colour sample please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have found black upvc doors followed by brown upvc doors are by far the more popular colours, however the choice doesn’t stop there, so you can make your upvc front door and frame completely unique. 

Energy efficiency and the thermal upgrade

Upvc doors fitted correctly offer excellent thermal property’s if the glazing make-up is right! At Just Value Doors we use double glazed safety glass as standard, however our upvc back doors can be upgraded further by selecting our “thermal upgrade”

Adding the thermal upgrade option will enhance a cheap upvc front doors energy efficiency by improving the make-up of the glass used. Find out more about our Thermal Upgrade.

Looking after your new back door

Once your nice new contemporary upvc front door is fitted you need to take care of it! But don't worry maintenance is minimal. With modern upvc front doors these days you’ll only need to give the upvc surface a quick wipe over once a month, and give the hinges and locks a quick oil and your done!

The door should last you at least 25 years! So keeping up with this minimal maintenance comes highly recommended with our made to measure upvc doors.

If you require any assistance in quoting and ordering or want to discuss some upvc door prices please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the friendly team.