Under these conditions, the company (Just Value Doors Ltd) agree to supply you (the customer) with the goods shown in the schedule:-

1 - General

  • 1.1 - The information contained on this website is for general guidance only. The company makes every effort to ensure that the information and advice on this website is up to date and accurate; however, it is not comprehensive, and expert advice should be sought from an appropriate professional. The company reserves the right to change or update any website content, prices, or products at any time without prior notice. Imagery used on the website is for illustrative purposes only. The colour and appearance of actual products may differ from what is shown on the website. All images, descriptive matter, specifications, and advertising on the site are for the sole purpose of providing an approximate description of the goods. Full detailed specifications are available from the company. All the actions taken by the website user are the responsibility of the user.
  • 1.2 - Computer screens cannot be relied upon to accurately replicate colours. All screens vary and, unlike a painted wall, are backlit. We therefore strongly recommend that you take advantage of our free colour samples. In most cases the images online will work for most people if it’s a white or off white, but with darker colors especially, it would be best to request a sample before ordering. Since it is not possible to guarantee our online colors will look the same on all computers, we do not guarantee that what you see accurately portrays the color of the actual product and therefore cannot be responsible for these differences.

2 - Pricing

  • 2.1 - In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error or error in pricing information, the company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders listed at the incorrect price, whether or not the order has been confirmed. The company will confirm, in writing, within 5 working days if this is the case.

3 - Payment

  • 3.1 - The company accepts all major credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.
  • 3.2 - The customer must provide the company with the exact billing address and a contact phone number, which should match with the address and phone number registered to the customer’s credit/debit cards/bank. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing the customer’s order. The customer’s order will only be processed once the necessary card authorisation has been received.

4 - Ordering

  • 4.1 - All dimensions are to be supplied in metric, and all designs are viewed as from the OUTSIDE. Any sizes given should be overall and include the frame, sill, and any frame extenders/add-ons required.
  • 4.2 - Care and attention should be placed onto the company ‘Downloads’ page before placing any order. It is recommended the relevant product information should be downloaded and taken into account including the installation guide, with expert advice being sought from an appropriate professional. Full details of all profiles used can be found at www.justvaluedoors.co.uk/downloads
  • 4.3 - Upon receipt of the customer’s order and payment, email confirmation will be sent. At this stage, the customer can make any amendments to the order if needed. Amendments must be made within 24 hours; after this time, production will start and any subsequent amendment requests may incur a charge to cover reasonable costs involved. Please refer to point 23.1 regarding the customer’s cooling off period.

5 - Cancellations & Refunds

  • 5.1 - Should the customer need to change any detail of the order after manufacturing has commenced (being 24 hours after placing the order), the company reserves the right to apply a charge for reasonable costs involved, according to what stage manufacturing is at. This charge may be up to the full order value if all material has been cut.
  • 5.2 - All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. E.g. if the required parts are on back-order and the company cannot fulfil the customer’s order within the expected time-scale. Please refer to point 23.1 regarding the customer’s cooling off period. If the company does not supply the goods for any reason, it will not charge for the goods and will refund any money already paid. However, the company will not be responsible for compensating for any other losses that the customer may incur as a result of contract cancellation.
  • 5.3 - If the company cancels the contract it will refund the full amount paid and will have no further liability to the customer.
  • 5.4 - To cancel an order the customer can contact the company via any of the methods listed below.
  • 5.5 - In the event of a breakdown of parts covered under guarantee, the company will always look to replace the parts in the most cost effective way possible. For example if an external handle becomes defective, the company will look to replace only the external handle and not both internal and external.
  • 5.6 - As the company's parts guarantee period is upto 10 years, it is likely that overtime some parts may become superseded and differ slightly, however will be suitably compatible. For example door hardware maybe branded differently, different finishes of gaskets and trimmings etc..
  • 5.7 - If the company can not source a suitably compatible replacement, then it may look to offer a full replacement item. The replacement will be offered freely I.e. the customer allowed to change any specification and/or upgrades (at cost), however it is again likely that due to superseded parts, the replacement may not be identical to the original.
  • 5.8 - Refer to points under heading 25 regarding the company's rejected goods policy.

6 - Guarantee

  • 6.1 - The company offers a five year guarantee as standard on all its products. If the customer has upgraded to a ten year guarantee, this will only be valid if listed on the order confirmation received at the time of order.
  • 6.2 - Any replacement parts supplied under the guarantee are on a supply only basis and do not include fitting or installation of the item. Nor will the company be liable for any such third party costs.
  • 6.3 - The guarantee is sold only to the person purchasing the order, it is not transferable to any other individual or company.
  • 6.4 - The guarantee is subject to complying with the remainder of the terms and conditions; and the cleaning instructions detailed on the guarantee document, which can be viewed here: www.justvaluedoors.co.uk/guarantee
  • 6.5 - Any modifications or alterations made to the doors, windows, or frames that are not part of the original product specifications, including but not limited to; drilling additional holes, altering existing holes, modifying dimensions or shape, and attaching unauthorised accessories or hardware, will void the guarantee.
  • 6.6 - Proper maintenance guidelines should be followed, otherwise, this may void the guarantee.
  • 6.7 - Frames must be installed according to the installation guidelines and industry standards to ensure the guarantee is valid. Otherwise, it may become void.
  • 6.8 - Negligence or accidental damage: The guarantee does not cover damages caused by accidents, acts of nature, intentional misuse, neglect, or any other actions outside the control of the company.

7 - Damages and Shortages

  • 7.1 - The customer should be present at the time of delivery and is responsible for unwrapping and checking the products for any sign of damage before a signature is given, and must ask the delivery contractor to wait whilst the delivery is checked.
  • 7.2 - It is your responsibility to unwrap and check your product for any sign of damage before you sign for your delivery. You have a further 48 hours to report damages after delivery, providing the items have not been installed. In the rare event of damage being present you should make the driver aware and sign the delivery note as "damaged". Any damages reported after you have signed for the delivery may not be accepted, and remakes may be chargeable.
  • 7.3 - It is the customer’s responsibility to sign for the correct number of items as shown on the delivery consignment note.
  • 7.4 - The driver must be notified of any shortages, and these should be detailed on the consignment note before a signature is given. Any shortages reported that were not noted at time of signing may not be accepted, and re-makes may be chargeable.

8 - Replacement Parts

  • 8.1 - The company may need to supply subsequent replacement parts for a product that has been delivered, if for any reason a temporary part has been used in order to meet the delivery schedule. The replacement parts would be supplied to the customer on a supply only basis and not include fitting or installation of the item. Nor will the company be liable for any such third party costs. If the customer found that, for any reason, they were not happy or comfortable with swapping the part themselves, the company would, at their expense, collect, re-work and redeliver the product, however only if the product has not been installed into any aperture prior.
  • 8.2 - Any replacement parts supplied under the guarantee are on a supply only basis and do not include fitting or installation of the item. Nor will the company be liable for any such third party costs.

9 - Incorrect Goods

  • 9.1 - The company recommends that the customer carefully check that the items received are the correct specification. The sooner the customer reports any incorrect goods, the sooner the company can rectify the issue; however, the customer has up to 30 days to report incorrect specification.
  • 9.2 - The company acknowledges that certain products or components may involve manufacturing processes that result in slight variations in dimensions. Therefore, a tolerance of plus or minus 5mm shall be accepted within the specified measurements. The company shall make reasonable efforts to manufacture products within the specified dimensions. However, the customer acknowledges that slight variations may occur due to the inherent nature of the manufacturing processes. The customer agrees that a variance of plus or minus 5mm from the specified dimensions shall be deemed compliant and acceptable.

10 - Risk

  • 10.1 - Risk relating to the goods sold passes to the customer upon delivery.
  • 10.2 - The recipient of the goods is responsible for any additional lifting once the initial delivery has been made.
  • 10.3 - The company strongly recommends that the customer does not contract builders until the order has been received and checked.
  • 10.4 - All composite doors should be stored in a cool dry place prior to fitting - as while they are weather proof to the external side, they are not to the internal side.
  • 10.5 - The company does not recommend using upvc products outside the UK due to thermal expansion, so for this reason if any of our doors or windows are used outside the UK, the risk lays with the customer, and the companies guarantee would be waived in this case.

11 - Delivery Without Signature

  • 11.1 - The company strongly recommends that someone is present to sign for and check the goods, however, certain goods can be left with permission from the customer. The customer should check with the company if their goods can be left without a signature and if this is possible, permission will need to be given via email at least 1 working day prior to the delivery being made, and should clearly specify whereabouts on the property the goods should be left.
  • 11.2 - In the event that goods are not signed for (where permission is given as per point 11.1), the customer acknowledges and accepts that the company shall have no liability to the customer for any loss, damage, or claims arising due to the goods being left.

12 - Failed Deliveries

  • 12.1 - If permission has not been given to leave the goods without a signature and no one is available to sign for the delivery, the goods will be returned to Just Value Doors and the company reserves the right to apply a re-delivery charge.

13 - Minimum Height

  • 13.1 - There is a minimum height of 1200mm on some door styles, and clearly headroom must be taken into account when ordering. It is the customer’s responsibility to check adequate headroom is available. The customer can contact the company for more details and advice on 'walk through' heights.

14 - Frame Styles

  • 14.1 - The company will always fabricate window styles to suit the sizes provided. Please note that there is no right or wrong way for mullion widths or transom drops to be divided. If the customer would like a window style to be divided in a specific way, this should be indicated to the company via the ‘additional info’ box at time of order.
  • 14.2 - Sightlines running alongside opening and non opening windows and doors maynot be consistent or run through due to any adjoining opening or non opening casements. Dummy sashes can be specified on fixed windows, flag windows, side windows and top windows in order to give the appearance of an opening casement. As standard the company will not supply dummy sash casements. Full specification on cross sections and sightlines including dummy sash detail can be provided on request.

15 - Glass Specification / Design

  • 15.1 - Some glass designs do not require a backing glass, or cannot be used with a backing glass. Details of glass designs can be found on the company’s website, and the company can be contacted for full details of design options.
  • 15.2 - All images are for illustration, glass positioning and orientation may not match the illustrative images fully and should not be relied upon. Specific details can be requested from the company.
  • 15.3 - The company offers both double and triple glazing options. It is possible for both double and triple glazed glass units to be made up to either 28, 32 or 36mm depending on the frame application.
  • 15.4 - Glass spacer bars are available in a range of finishes. For example; a 'standard' spacer bar is usually, but not limited to a silver colour finish. Likewise a 'warm' edge spacer bar is usually, but not limited to a black colour finish. Please note other spacer bar colours may be used, such as, but not limited to; bronze, white or grey. If the customer would prefer a specific colour spacer bar finish, this should be specified to the company in the notes when ordering.
  • 15.5 - If Georgian Bars, Square Lead, Diamond Lead or Astragal Bars have been chosen, the company will simply create the design to suit the frame. If the customer needs to match an existing layout or has specific requirements, the customer should make the company aware prior to ordering.

16 - Hardware & Extras

  • 16.1 - As a rule, the company will place hardware into a standard position, for example letterboxes centrally or in-line with the handle, unless the door style does not allow it, when it will be positioned at the bottom of the door. Knockers at approximately 1600mm height from the threshold. Bar handles and locks may be pre drilled into location or supplied loose for final positioning. Door numerals are sent loose for final positioning. If the customer would like any hardware fitted to a non-standard position, this must be specified in the additional notes at time of order. The company can be contacted for full details of design options.
  • 16.2 - 'Hardware colour' excludes hinges and trickle vents as these are usually colour matched to the outer-frame. Note aluminium single doors and french doors are only available with black hinges.
  • 16.3 - Handles; including lever/levers, lever/pads, bar handles and escutcheons may not always be provided on both the inside and outside of the doors. In this case an escutcheon would usually be provided. Likewise double doors including UPVC, composite and aluminium may not have matching handles on both the master and slave doors depending on the size limitations. The company should be contacted for full specifications and availabilities.
  • 16.4 - We supply a standard cat flap in white or brown for your convenience. Cat Flaps Fitted Into Panels; The cutting of the cat flap hole will need to be done on site and the cat flap will be supplied loose. Cat Flaps Fitted Into Glass; The hole will be pre cut and positioned centrally and as low as possible in the glass. This is usually 100mm however, maybe higher depending on the glass size and specification. This is due to the strength of the glass needing to be considered. Note; The estimated 100mm is from the bottom of the glass unit, not from the bottom of the door frame. Note; Branding may vary.

17 - Profiles & Couplings

  • 17.1 - The company offers both chamfered and beveled profile (bead) types and will supply beveled as standard. The customer should note that patio doors are only available with a chamfered profile; therefore, should additional items be ordered at the same time as a patio door, the company will fabricate all the items with a chamfered profile to match, unless otherwise stated by the customer in the ‘additional info’ box at time of order. Full details of all profiles used can be found at www.justvaluedoors.co.uk/downloads
  • 17.2 - Joining couples are supplied in order to allow separate frames to be suitably joined together. Doors with flag windows and side panels will be supplied as separate frames and will include joining couplers as standard.
  • 17.3 - Aluminium side panels and toplights will be externally glazed (doors are internally glazed). This means on Open In doors with a 70mm outer frame, the square feature will be on the inside of the side panels and toplights, and outside on the doors.
  • 17.4 - Addons or frame extensions are sometimes required in order for use of trickle vents, or to make up the required size of a frame. The company will, if necessary, use addons to make up the specified size of units up to 42mm, unless otherwise requested in the notes section by the customer. The company will not use addons over 42mm, or multiple addons to make up sizes without first informing the customer in writing. The company can be contacted for further details or advice.

18 - Top Windows

  • 18.1 - Regarding top windows (or fan lights) above doors, the company will supply these with the same backing glass as is used in the door, if applicable, otherwise clear.
  • 18.2 - The size of the top window will be made to suit the door unless otherwise stated by the customer in the ‘additional info’ box at time of order. The company can be contacted for further details and advice on top windows.

19 - Suppliers

  • 19.1 - The company uses multiple suppliers and will honour the brochure and specification where shown; however, some parts may not be identical, for example: handles, locks, glass specification etc.

20 - Building Regulations

  • 20.1 - The company cannot accept liability for goods installed in a property that does not meet building regulations, this includes but is not limited to: fire escape windows, trickle vents.
  • 20.2 - Guidance is provided around Energy Rating and U-Values, however, these should not be relied upon. Although all products meet the current legislation for all new build and replacement projects, it is recommended that if any specific certification documentation or similar is required for any product, this should be requested and reviewed before ordering. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure these documents meet their requirements before placing an order.

21 - Installation

  • 21.1 - All windows and doors are checked before they leave the factory, however, the customer should re-check the goods to ensure that they are the correct size and style, and operate easily. To ensure a proper test on side-hinged openers, including doors, lay the frame flat horizontally to test operation.
  • 21.2 - If the customer is unhappy with any part of an item supplied, they should not begin the installation and instead report it to the company first.
  • 21.3 - The company cannot accept return of goods that are damaged after delivery where this is due to the negligence of the customer, the customer's installation contractor, or other third party. The company recommends that a competent or qualified person carries out the installation of the goods supplied. It is recognised that over 90% of remedial work is due to incorrect installation. Please refer to FENSA (www.fensa.org.uk) and LABC (www.labc.co.uk) for further details.
  • 21.4 - If a service call is requested, this will require an upfront payment of £295+VAT. The full amount will be refunded should the frame have been installed correctly.
  • 21.5 - The customer should check the size of the new framework against the old frame before removing.
  • 21.6 - It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the appropriate product based on the information contained on the company’s website. If the customer is in any doubt as to which product to order, they should contact the company.
  • 21.7 - A product cannot be returned when it is subsequently found to be unsuitable for any reason, such as, but not limited to: the dimensions of the product are too large or too small to fit in the intended position; the goods are in poor working order due to improper handling.
  • 21.8 - If the customer finds the goods to be unsatisfactory, the company will require photographic evidence of the fault(s). If after examination of this evidence a fault is apparent, the company will replace the goods free of charge. However, if the goods appear to have been mishandled the company may require further investigation to be undertaken, and the customer must cover any postage costs incurred in returning the goods.
  • 21.9 - If the company finds the goods to be in good condition, the company will consider the case closed. The company can arrange to have the goods sent back at the customer’s expense. However, if the customer is unsatisfied, they can request a replacement. The company adheres to a strict “credit on return” policy: in order for a replacement part to be released, the faulty part must be returned, at the customer’s expense.
  • 21.10 - If the part needs to be supplied prior to the return, the customer must pay in full for the new part. When the returned part has been received by the company and inspected, and if found to be faulty, the customer will be credited in full for the new part. However, if after examination the part is found to be satisfactory, it can be sent back to the customer at their expense, but no credit will be given. In the event of a dispute, the customer can seek advice via TGAS, an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) scheme. Their details can be found here: www.tgas.org.uk

22 - Cooling Off

  • 22.1 - The customer has the right to a 14-day cooling off period after placing their order, in which they can cancel free of charge. This would however slow down the bespoke order fulfilment process by 14 days. Therefore, to avoid this delay, by agreeing to these terms, the customer is giving consent for the work to begin straight away (this ensures there is no delay to the customer’s order). If the customer does not wish to give consent, they should not place an order.
  • 22.2 - If a customer would like for the cooling off period to apply, they should make this explicitly clear by stating: "I want my cooling off period to apply" in the additional info box at time of order, as well as to email the company immediately after placing the order. This will result in a 14 day fulfillment delay.

23 - FD30 Fire Doors

  • 23.1 - Due to the changes on November 1st 2019 in European Law relating to the supply of Fire Doors, the SolidCore certified FD30s should only to be used as an internal door set with resistance to fire and smoke and should not be specified or installed as an external door set unless prior consent is sought from relevant building control. For reference, the definition of an external door set as defined in BS EN 14351-1:2006 is a "door set, which separates the internal climate from the external climate of a construction for which the main intended use is the passage of 'pedestrians'. Just Value Doors Ltd cannot accept liability for incorrect installation. I.e. Wrong placement.

24 - Delivery & Collection

  • 24.1 - The company generally offers a 10-75 working day lead time and will usually confirm a provisional delivery date within 10 working days of order confirmation. The company will do all it reasonably can to meet the delivery period advised to the customer. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the company's reasonable control, such as weather, traffic or machinery and vehicle breakdown, or being let down by suppliers, it will contact the customer and agree on an alternative date. The company will do its best to meet the outlined delivery schedule, but shall not be responsible for any failure to deliver ordered products within these stated time frames.
  • 24.2 - Force Majeure: The company reserves the right to defer the date of delivery of the Products, to cancel the Contract or to reduce the quantity of the Products delivered in each case without liability to the Buyer if it is prevented from or delayed in the delivery of any Products due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  • 24.3 - Before viewing your provisional delivery date, you will first be asked to confirm you have read and understood the delivery terms as well as confirm you will not plan fitting around your delivery date.
  • 24.4 - We strongly advise not booking in builders/installers or arranging plans around your delivery date as this is given in good faith and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control such as the weather, traffic, machinery or vehicle breakdown, or being let down by suppliers. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as realistically possible in these situations. In view of this we are unable to give delivery times.
  • 24.5 - Although rare, on occasions incorrect goods are supplied. We therefore request you fully check the specification (sizes, style etc) are correct. If you are unhappy with any part of an item supplied, do not begin the installation and instead report it to us. For this reason we again strongly advise against booking in builders/installers or arranging plans around your delivery date, as per point 24.4.
  • 24.6 - Your delivery date is part of our weekly delivery route and we only visit specific areas on pre-scheduled days of the week, if this date is not convenient we can usually offer to move it to the same day on the following week. IE, If your delivery is planned for a Monday, then usually only Mondays are available in your area. Note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to change a delivery date otherwise a re-delivery charge may apply
  • 24.7 - Deliveries will wherever possible be consolidated into one delivery drop for each order, however the company may be required at times to split an order into multiple delivery drops. The customer will be informed of this via email once the order has been processed.
  • 24.8 - We recommend someone is present to sign for the goods, however certain goods can be left with permission from the customer. As per 11.1 though, the customer should check if this is possible first by contacting the company. However please note we can't be responsible for any losses or damage in the case of goods being left unattended.
  • 24.9 - Please be advised our deliveries are a one man curbside service. Therefore, should help be required in lifting it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a suitably able person is on site to assist the driver in unloading. The company recommends 2 - 3 suitably able persons depending on the goods being delivered. While frames and glass typically come separately and are not overly heavy, they are sometimes hard to manoeuvre. If we are unable to unload for this reason a re-delivery charge may apply.
  • 24.10 - In cases where bespoke products are not collected or delivery is refused, Just Value Doors will store these products for up to 3 months from notification of completion. If not claimed within this period, we reserve the right to dispose of them.
  • 24.11 - If permission has not been given to leave the goods without a signature and no-one is available to sign for delivery your order will be returned to Just Value Doors. This may incur re-delivery charge.
  • 24.12 - Your order will need to be signed for unless permission is given to leave the goods
  • 24.13 - All deliveries are made on dedicated glazing vehicles capable of carrying large frames, however it is sometimes necessary to supply the outer frames in kit-form for transportations reasons. As standard, outerframes will be supplied fully assembled unless deemed oversized. Outerframes can also be supplied in kit-form on request, if required for site access reasons. This must be stated in the order notes section if required. If in doubt please contact the company.
  • 24.14 - Should the customer wish to change their delivery date for any reason, the company requires no less than 48 hours written notice. The company will attempt to meet the customer’s reasonable request. Should the company not be given notice and the delivery fails, the company reserves the right to apply a re-delivery charge.
  • 24.15 - It is your responsibility to unwrap and check your product for any sign of damage before you sign for your delivery. In the rare event of damage being present you should make the driver aware and sign the delivery note as "damaged". Any damages reported after you have signed for the delivery may not be accepted, and remakes may be chargeable.
  • 24.16 - Any shortages or incorrect goods supplied must be reported within 48 hours in writing to support@justvaluedoors.co.uk with any accompanying photos. Any shortages or incorrect items reported after 48 hours may not be accepted, and remakes may be chargeable.
  • 24.17 - If 'collection' has been opted for, then the same conditions apply to this, as they do a 'delivery' date. I.e. goods still need to be checked for shortages and damages etc.. and we therefore do not advise booking in builders, installers or making any other plans around your collection date.
  • 24.18 - In light of the above Just Value Doors Ltd cannot be liable in any case for costs incurred, loss, claims for compensation, or any other liability arising directly or indirectly as a result of the customer not adhering to the advice given.

25 - Rejected Goods Policy

    • 25.1 - The Company is committed to ensuring your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. While we hope that you will never experience any issues with our goods, should any issues arise, we will follow the process as set out within this Clause.
    • 25.2 - Your Right to Repair or Replace: In the event of any defects or issues with the supplied goods, we reserve the right to rectify such defects through repair or replacement, at no additional cost to you.
    • 25.3 - Repair or Replacement Procedure: You must notify the Company of any defects or issues with the goods within 14 days of delivery. Upon notification, the Company will assess the situation and, at its discretion, choose to repair or replace the defective goods.
    • 25.4 - Full Refund in Case of Inability to Repair or Replace: If, in the reasonable judgment of the Company, repair or replacement is not feasible or proves to be deficient, you shall be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.
    • 25.5 - Customer Notification: The Company will communicate its decision to repair, replace, or provide a refund to the customer within 2 days after receiving notice of the defects.
    • 25.6 - Conditions for Refund: A: The defects must be reported within a reasonable time from the date of delivery. B: The goods must have been used and maintained in accordance with the provided guidelines.
    • 25.7 - Limitations: A: This policy is applicable to defects or issues arising from faulty materials or workmanship. B: Damages resulting from improper use, negligence, or unauthorized modifications are not covered under this policy.
    • 25.8 - Sole Remedy: The repair, replacement, or refund, as stipulated in this policy, shall constitute the sole remedy available to the customer for rejected goods.
    • 25.10 - Agreement: By placing an order with the Company, the customer agrees to the above policy with regards to accepting a repair or replacement in the first instance, as a resolution, before a refund is considered by the company, thereby wavering their right to a refund prior to this.
    • 25.11 - Customers have the right to cancel orders of stocked products. If a product is returned, the customer is responsible for covering the cost of return, unless the item has been supplied incorrectly by Just Value Doors.
    • 25.10 - Procedure for Refund: Customers seeking a refund should contact the Company's customer service department, providing relevant details and supporting documentation, and be aware that the company, if it's considered to be unreasonable, may look to make a claim for damages, due to the bespoke nature of the item and its negligible resale value.

    For any other correspondence, the customer can contact the company via any of the methods listed below:

    Just Value Doors Ltd
    Units 2-3 Station Road Industrial Estate
    Browning Road
    East Sussex
    TN21 8DB

    Tel: 01435 515001
    E-mail: support@justvaluedoors.co.uk

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