We know the products we sell represent outstanding quality and value. In addition, to offer you total peace of mind, every product comes with a full free 5-year parts guarantee as standard.

10 Year Extended Warrenty

For even more peace of mind, we offer the option of extending this period to 10 Years (selected at checkout). More info

Your guarantees covers:

  • All of our products will keep their shape, strength, colour and resistance from salty atmospheres in coastal areas.
  • All doors and windows will not split, rot or warp, and the finish will not peel or crack.
  • The performance and quality of all sealed glass units, gaskets and hardware (allowing for fair wear and tear).
  • The finish and working of all door and window fittings, fixings and furniture.
  • A replacement under this guarantee is free of charge. It does not constitute an extension or a new start of the guarantee period.
  • Should any fault appear the parts will be supplied on a supply only basis, not including fitting.

This guarantee is subject to complying with the cleaning instructions below and our Terms & Conditions


Maintaining your New Door

  • Cleaning the glass in a window or door usually means that some of the cleaner used will come in contact with the frame material. Your attention is therefore drawn to the following advice on cleaning
  • Use non-alkaline detergent and warm water; apply to surfaces using a soft cloth or sponge and nothing harsher than a bristle brush or nylon pad should be used. If in doubt, test the cleaner on an unobtrusive area first
  • Steel wool, strong acids and alkalis, or abrasive cleaners should never be used
  • The accumulation of atmospheric grime and pollution makes it necessary to clean the surfaces at least every six months
  • After application these cleaners should be removed with clear water and the area wiped dry
  • DO NOT assume that if cleaning is carried out less frequently than recommended, GPR or PVC-U surfaces can be restored with the use of more aggressive cleaners.

Moving parts (locks, handles & hinges) should be lubricated every year.

Examples of Fair Wear and Tear

  • Scratched handles
  • Pitted marks on letterboxes/handles/knockers or other furniture
  • Scratched or broken glass units after the product being correctly installed
  • Snapped keys in locks etc
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