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Why choose our Bi fold Doors UK?

At Just Value Doors we understand the importance of 'quality' and when you buy a bi fold door from us, that’s exactly what you get. Purchasing an external bi fold door is a large investment in most peoples books and one you want to get right first time...

For a bifold door uk to really last and operate well they need to be built using high quality materials including the glazing, fabricated correctly and fitted by installers with experience in folding sliding doors. As with any type of concertina door its important to remember that further adjustment is often required after installation due to moving parts needing time to “settle” into place, such as the hinges, rollers, locks and even the glass itself, after being opened and closed a number of times.

As you may have already found out, bi fold door costs do vary quite drastically depending on where you look, and it can be shocking how the prices differ. With any company selling cheap bifold doors you should be wary of quality so do your research. Check out our company reviews, they speak for themselves. We truly offer “Value” without compromise...

Sizing Options and Limitations?

When choosing bi folding patio doors the most important thing (apart from the company supplying it of course) is to take note of measuring the width. A bi folding doors cost is determined by 2 main things; the overall size and the amount of bifolding glass door panes.

It is possible however, to cut down on cost while the overall sizes remain the same! For example; a width of 3000mm can use 3, 4 or 5 panel bifold doors with the cheapest option being a 3 pane bi fold door with the cost increasing the more there are.

Integrated Blinds for bifolding doors

Bifold door blinds are available offering all the usual benefits of a blind but with the added advantage of never needing to clean or dust! The blinds for bifold doors will always remain new looking as they are factory fitted and sealed in-between the glass units giving an air tight vacuum!

So how do blinds for bi fold doors uk work...There are; raising, lowering and tilting options that are operated by the use of magnets. Raising and lowering is controlled by a continues cord loop that drives the external magnet you move up and down on the edge of the glass pane. Enquire for details.

Don't have an opening yet or want to convert a window?

If you are planning to build an opening for your folding doors or maybe want to convert an existing window we can help. We can work with your builder by advising on the brickwork removal and installation of the bi fold patio doors after carrying out a home survey visit (£78).

Please do bare in mind we don't actually remove brickwork as part of our door fitting service but will advise “your builder” on the removal prior to us installing.

Energy efficiency and the thermal upgrade

With upvc bifold doors often covering vast areas its important to keep heat loss to an absolute minimum. So we use thermally efficient upvc frames with our folding patio doors as standard. The frames have separate chambers running within to work as cavities thus reducing heat loss. We also use double glazed and toughened glass as standard, whilst still keeping the folding glass patio door cost as low as possible.

Our bifold patio doors range can also be "upgraded further" to reduce heat loss by up-rating the glass make-up within the glass bifold doors. This feature will increase the folding patio door costs, however is an additional extra but well worth the expense in the long term! Find out more about the thermal upgrade.

How will my folding door kit arrive?

(Of course this will only apply if you have ordered a “supply only” plastic folding door as with our fitting service you needn't worry, as it will arrive with our installers.)

When our lorry arrives to deliver your sliding folding doors the outer-frame, door sashes and door glazing or glass units will be separate for installation and transportation reasons. There will also be a box containing parts including: cover caps, running wheels and handles. There should also be a suitably able person available to assist the driver in lifting.

Not really your cup of tea!? Let us survey and install your concertina door for you. We are a bifolding door company specialising in these types of folding sliding doors and guarantee our workmanship.

Security and bi folding doors uk

Security is of great importance on any door and this obviously includes our external folding doors. Our upvc bi fold doors come fitted with a highly sophisticated locking system and once the doors fold closed, and are locked the door sashes are secured in multiple points. With our bifold door systems, each and every door ranging the whole length, is secured in two points at the top and bottom and three on each sides as well as being locked together.

We feel our bifold doors are as secure as they can possibly be as we use toughened safety glass as standard, only use the highest quality locks and hardware available on the market and all come complete with a 10 year guarantee.

How do exterior bi fold doors operate?

Folding glass doors, also known as 'tri fold doors' operate in a completely unique way. By 'sliding' and 'folding' together simultaneously, the by folding doors smoothly glide open and will sit flat at the sides. Or just one door can open to give access to your home and this is called the traffic door.

There are many different opening 'schemes' available to suit your needs. For example you may want your six pane door to open as “3 left + 3 right” or “1 left + 5 right” etc... 

Colours available with bifold doors

Our bi folding doors are available in a vast range of 17 colours. Please click here to check out the range. If you would like to see a colour sample please get in touch and we'll pop one in the post to you.

If you have any questions regarding our bifold doors please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the friendly team who will be happy to assist you. 

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