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Why choose our sliding patio doors?

When it comes to upvc patio doors we don’t compromise on quality, as we know you want your patio doors to not only look good, but serve you trouble free for the years ahead!

You may have already noticed that sliding patio door prices do vary depending on where you look, so do watch out for poor quality levels in your search for cheap patio doors. Here at Just Value Doors, although our patio door prices are low, the quality is most certainly always high!

We use only the best quality frames, locks and hardware in our sliding glass doors. So when you buy one of our double glazed patio doors you know its as secure as it can be. So much so we give a full 10 year guarantee on each and every part! Check out some of our patio door reviews, they speak for themselves!

How do our sliding doors operate?

As a sliding door company we like you to know just how your made to measure patio door will operate. So.... as with most other slide doors on today’s market the glass sliding doors operate by at least 1 of the panes sliding, and at least 1 of the panes staying fixed.

With larger upvc patio doors, for example a 4 pane sliding door system; 2 panes are fixed with the 2 centre panes sliding. Then finally with the 3 pane patio doors sliding there will be 1 sliding patio door, with the other 2 sliding external doors being fixed.

Sizing options and limitations

There are 2 pane, 3 pane and 4 pane patio door options available, and widths can be anywhere between; 1000mm (1 meter) to 5000mm (5 meters) so are ideal for most oversized door projects with the patio doors cost being determined by the width and height, so do bare this in mind if you require cheap sliding doors.

Bespoke patio doors, as with all patio french doors, there are some limitations due to the systems often being very large and awkward to manoeuvre. So do remember that with a “diy” patio door sliding installation; the cost of patio doors may increase due to extra man power being needed to assist in manoeuvring.

Triple glazed patio doors and the thermal upgrade

Our french patio doors are available with triple glazing giving you more security, noise reduction, and reducing heat loss. This option gives the sliding french doors 3 separate panes of glass, giving 2 air tight vacuums between the panes working to reduce heat loss.

In addition a thermal upgrade can be used to further upgrade the make-up of the glass achieving an extremely, highly energy efficient sliding door set. The sliding glass patio doors will then easily achieve an A-rating and combined with triple glazing gives the most efficient option available.

Patio door security uk

As a sliding door company in the uk we understand the importance of security, so that’s why we only use the best quality locks and hardware available. Even the glass is toughened to give a more secure option as standard.

When the patio sliding doors are closed and fully engaged with the key in lock position, there are multiple points in which the sliding door tracks are secured. Including shoot bolts to the tops and bottoms of the frame, as well as hooks and rollers to lock the doors to each other.

How will my upvc sliding door kit arrive?

Please do remember this will only apply if you require your pvc patio doors as a “supply only” item because if you choose our replacement patio door service they will arrive with our installers so you needn’t worry.

The outer-frame will be complete and welded in the corners, with the inner door sashes and glass being separate for transportation and installation reasons. Everything needed is included excluding fixings however you can purchase a fixing kit to get your upvc patio doors fitted. For more information check out our upvc patio doors UK fitting guide.

Looking after your external sliding doors

Sliding doors in the uk do require some maintenance to keep them in good working order, but don't worry- our upvc sliding doors don't need too much attention. Just the tracks kept clean with a wipe followed by a drop of oil on the runners once a month will do it.

For more information on caring for double patio doors check out our upvc sliding patio doors installation guide.

Colours available with upvc sliding patio doors

Our bi folding doors are available in a vast range of 17 colours. Please click here to check out the range. If you would like to see a colour sample please get in touch and we'll pop one in the post to you.

Don't have an opening yet or want to convert a window?

If your planning to enhance your homes appearance by converting a window into exterior sliding doors then we can help! We can work closely with your builder and advise on creating the opening after carrying out a home survey (£78).

Please do bare in mind we don't actually remove brickwork as part of our door fitting service but will advise “your builder” on the removal prior to us installing.

If you have any questions regarding our patio doors for sale please do contact the team who will be happy to assist you.

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