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Nylon-Faced Hammer Mallet

Nylon-Faced Hammer Mallet
Our Nylon-Faced Hammer Mallet is a specialized and indispensable tool, designed to provide controlled and gentle impact while protecting delicate surfaces. Crafted with a nylon face, this mallet is a perfect choice for window and door glazing tasks, ensuring precise installation and minimal risk of damag
  • Gentle impact for delicate surfaces
  • Protective nylon face prevents scratches
  • Efficient glazing for windows and doors
  • Versatile applications in woodworking and crafting
  • Durable and reliable tool
The nylon face of the hammer mallet delivers a controlled and gentle impact, making it ideal for delicate surfaces like glass during window and door glazing. The soft nylon face prevents scratches and dents on the glazing materials, ensuring a pristine finish without compromising the integrity of windows and doors.
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