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Hole Saw 70mm

Hole Saw 70mm
The Hole Saw 70mm, a powerful and precise cutting tool, creates clean and accurate holes in various materials, including PVC soffit boards. With its 70mm cutting diameter, this versatile tool is the ideal choice for cutting holes to accommodate vent placements in soffit boards, ensuring efficient and hassle-free installations when used with our Hole Saw Shank.
  • Efficient and precise hole cutting in PVC soffit boards
  • A versatile tool for various materials
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Easy installation and compatibility with our Hole Saw Shank
  • Professional-quality results for efficient vent placements
Paired with our Hole Saw Shank, the tool ensures stability and optimal performance during vent hole cutting for seamless installations. The powerful 70mm cutting diameter speeds up the drilling process, saving time and effort without compromising accuracy.
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