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Foam Gun Cleaner

Foam Gun Cleaner
This aerosol solvent-based cleaner is specifically designed for polyurethane foam. It effectively cleans PU foam applicator guns, as well as removes uncured foam and residue from PU foam valves. With its attachable spray cap, it provides a convenient and efficient solution for quick and easy foam cleanup.
  • Convenient removal of polyurethane foam
  • Includes attachable spray nozzle
  • Compatible with standard foam guns
  • Solvent-based formula
  • Quick and easy PU foam cleanup
Specifically designed for cleaning PU foam applicator guns, as well as removing uncured PU foam and cleaning PU foam valves. With the attachable spray cap, it allows for quick and easy removal of uncured foam, providing efficient cleanup and maintenance for your foam application tools.
Ex VAT £9.36

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