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Decorators Caulk Filler

Decorators Caulk Filler
Decorators Caulk Filler is a versatile and essential sealant filler designed to provide a smooth and professional finish in various home improvement projects. With its easy application and quick drying properties, this caulk filler is particularly useful when fitting doors and windows, ensuring neat and tidy sealing around frames and gaps.
  • Provides seamless finish around doors and windows
  • Easy application for precise sealing
  • Quick drying for efficient projects
  • Flexible and durable, prevents cracking
  • Paintable
Decorators Caulk Filler offers a seamless finish, concealing gaps and imperfections around door and window trims, creating a neat and professional appearance. With its user-friendly design, this caulk filler is easy to apply, allowing for precise and controlled sealing around frames and openings.
Ex VAT £2.25

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