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Composite stable door 4 Panel 2 Square style


4 Panel 2 Square - Composite Stable Door

Boasting two solid half-door panels with an effective wood grain effect, this Composite Stable Door 4 Panel 2 Square is a practical solution for families, particularly those with young children!

Allowing you keep the top half of a door open whilst the lower half remains closed, or else open both segments together as a single door, this composite stable back door is perfect for keeping a close eye on your little ones when they are playing outside, monitoring arrivals to and from your property, and keeping pets safely indoors.

We are a supply only business, however do work with trusted installers. You can find out more on our Local Independent Trusted Installers page.

  • Made to measure sizes
  • Open in or out / hinged left or right
  • Hung in a reinforced Upvc frame
  • Available in a variety of different colours
  • Secured by design with a multi point locking system
  • Highly resilient to scuffs and scratches
  • Compliant with part L of the building regulation
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee

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