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Composite stable door 2 Panel 1 Square style


2 Panel 1 Square - Composite Stable Door

A composite stable back door is a great option if you have toddlers or pets, as it provides you with the option to open the top segment whilst keeping the bottom segment closed.

With its simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, robust locking system, and large glazed panel, this Composite 2 Panel 1 Square Stable Door has been designed to offer exceptional security, quality and durability – qualities that are essential in any home.

We are a supply only business, however do work with trusted installers. You can find out more on our Local Independent Trusted Installers page.

  • Made to measure sizes
  • Open in or out / hinged left or right
  • Hung in a reinforced Upvc frame
  • Available in a variety of different colours
  • Secured by design with a multi point locking system
  • Highly resilient to scuffs and scratches
  • Compliant with part L of the building regulation
  • 10 year insurance backed guarantee

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