Having problems with cloudy or condensated windows?

Many of us have seen the visual effect of an old glazing unit breaking down. Misted panes, condensation between the glass or even frost inside the unit during Winter! These are all unsightly, but what effect could it be having on the running cost of your home?

Double and triple glazing works by creating an airtight layer of gas or air (depending on the rating of the unit) between the layers of glass, creating a layer of insulation between the outside and your home. When the seals break down over time, the insulation properties of the unit are lost. In fact, the effect on the U-value of the window breaking down can be extreme, for example, an A+ rated triple glazed unit would have a U-value of around 1.1, but this same unit broken down could be closer to the U-value of a single glazed unit of around 5!

So what does this mean to you? Well... The Energy Saving Trust states that having A-rated windows could save you up to £160 a year on your gas central heating bill, this figure could quadruple using electric heating. Over the years this figure adds up, and could even cover the costs of replacing your windows over time. Combined with the loss of sound insulation, this can have a huge effect on you and your family.

Let's look at the solution.

Most glazing units are replaceable, but older frames can be much less efficient. Sometimes with the cost of the replacement unit and fitting, it's not a lot more to replace the entire unit and feel the reward of lower U-values.

Don't put off tackling the issue of broken down glazing, it could be costing you more than you think!

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