Mis-measured Items at bargain prices

If you have been eyeing a new door or window for your home, now is the time to go get it. The number one reason we do not buy the fixtures we want is because of their exorbitant price. Household fixtures are expensive, especially if you want quality items. You can easily end up spending more than 1000 pounds on a good window or door. High prices also translate to superior quality. For wooden fixtures, it is often directly proportional. We all know how expensive quality timber can be. If high prices have kept you away from your dream of getting your dream doors and windows, we have good news for you.

Mismeasured items

Have you heard of the term ‘mismeasured items? If you have, you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, allow us to briefly introduce it to you. Factories and huge workshops make hundreds and thousands of windows, doors, and other fixtures at a go. Not all of these items end up perfect. Sometimes there are machine errors, and sometimes human errors. Humans and machines both make mistakes. For you, however, that is good news.

Price and quality of mismeasured items

Doors, windows, and related fixtures are ordered to size. Naturally, a manufacturer cannot deliver them to the original client. After all, the client is paying a hefty amount of money to get these premium products. Now the manufacturer has two options: throw these away, or sell them at a ridiculously low price. Something is better than nothing, right?

Just Value Doors brings to you the best-mismeasured items

Would you believe us if we told you that you could get a door priced at over 200 pounds for 45 pounds? That is the wonder of mismeasured items. All our doors and windows are sparkling new and straight out of workshops. They do not even have any defects or flaws. They just happen to be made in the wrong size. You can finally get the household fixtures you’ve been dreaming of.

Are mismeasured items good for you?

They sure are. Our services do not end the moment we receive payment and deliver the product. Frame add-ons to match frame width, cill options, various glass options, made-to-measure matching side panels -- we do it all. We take pride in our post-purchase support and services. You can even head over to our list of trusted local installers for end-to-end support regarding every aspect of installation. Head over to Just Value Doors and check out our impressive collection of mismeasured items.

Check out what's available now, but be quick as when they're gone they're gone!

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