How to Make Your Patio Doors More Secure

Patio doors are a wonderful way to provide access to your patio or garden. They provide easy access to the outdoors, a good view of your garden even when they are closed, and plenty of natural light flowing into your house throughout the year. However, when installing new patio doors it is important to consider security. Making the right decisions can ensure patio doors do not compromise in your home security, but instead make sure that any criminals who try to gain access to your home are left with an insurmountable challenge.

Glass has the potential to be an easy entry point for criminals, who can smash it to create an opening, and since patio doors contain a lot of glass this is a major concern. However, modern developments mean that glass does not have to be a weak point in your home security measures. Toughened glass types such as Pilkington K Safety Glass are much harder to break through and cannot be easily smashed in the way that basic glass can. Double glazed patio doors also provide much greater security, providing a double barrier against intrusion. Glazing that is internally beaded provides yet another boost to security.

The Frame
Like glass, some types of frame are tougher than others. Strong frames make it much harder to break through a patio door. They are more resistant to damage, and will make it much harder to force a locked door open because this usually depends on the frame becoming damaged where the lock secures the door. A reinforced UPVC frame of a good thickness will provide superior levels of security.

Locking Systems
Naturally, the locking system that your patio door uses will be a major factor in the level of home security it provides. Multi-point locking systems are best. Whether a would-be thief employs cunning or simple brute force, they are harder to get through because they secure the door at multiple points. The main barrel of the lock should be an advanced type that is not easy to pick in order to provide maximum security. Additional measures such as bolts provide even greater resistance to intrusion.

Full-length interior curtains can do a surprising amount to help prevent criminals entering through your patio doors. They may not provide much of a physical barrier to deter intruders, but they do provide a mental barrier on an important level. As patio doors contain a lot of glass, they have the potential to be an easy way to see into your home. Thieves may decide to take advantage of this, trying to look inside your house to establish whether there is anything worth breaking in for. If they can see something they want to steal, they might decide it is worth the trouble of breaking in. Installing full-length curtains that can be closed to prevent people looking in can therefore prevent attempted break-ins from getting past this "window shopping" stage.

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