How to Change Handles on UPVC Doors

There are many reasons you may wish to replace a door handle on your UPVC door. The old one may have been damaged, developed a fault or be starting to look weathered, or you may just want a change of aesthetic. Replacing door handles on UPVC doors is not as difficult as some people think. Those who are used to dealing with door handles on wooden doors may have their doubts about whether the process is the same on a UPVC door, or whether the process is more complicated. Others may have never replaced a door handle at all and may wonder whether the process is simple enough for them to tackle on a DIY basis.

Changing door handles does not have to be a difficult process, whether on UPVC doors or otherwise. If you carefully follow a few very simple steps, you will find your new handle in place before you know it.

Remove the Old Handle
Removing the old handle is very simple. All you need to do is remove some screws and it will easily come away from the door. The screws should only be present on one handle on one side of the door; they go right through to hold the other handle in place from behind. Most UPVC door handles have two screws, and these are usually on clear display. Sometimes, however, they may be hidden behind caps or a face plate.

Once the screws are loose, there should be nothing holding the old handle to the door and it should pull away with almost no effort. Next, pull out the old spindle assuming you wish to replace this. Even if there is nothing wrong with the spindle, your new handle should have included a brand new one so there is no reason not to replace it with the one which has experienced no wear and tear whatsoever.

Installing the New Handle
By this point, it will probably be obvious how to install the new handle. Simply carry out the same process you followed to remove the old one, but in reverse. Put the new spindle into place, then the new handle. Lastly, secure the new handle with screws, ensuring they are tight but not over tightened. If the new handle has any caps or face plates to cover the screws, then naturally you will put these in place after the screws are secure. After this, the process of replacing the handle should be complete.

Before you pack away your tools, make sure to check operation of the new handle to ensure that it has been installed correctly and is free from faults. Check that the handle moves up and down securely and that this turns the mechanism properly allowing the door to open and close as normal. Check that any locking mechanism also functions correctly. If there are any problems, try taking the handle off and then carefully putting it back on again, ensuring all parts go together neatly.

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