Draft excluder and do you need one

Using draught excluders to stop cold air entering your home has been a common practice during colder winter months for a long time. Many years ago they used to be nothing more sophisticated than an old blanket or piece of fabric rolled up to form a tube and then placed at the bottom of front doors, back doors and other external doors to simply keep the wind out.

Nowadays, draught excluders are much more sophisticated and many new double glazing units and doors are completely sealed with draught excluders built in as standard. Older front doors, back doors, external doors and even stable doors can be easily fitted out with DIY draught excluders which often consist of a  simple length of aluminium (the carrier) which has a flexible silicone/rubber strip attached to it to seal the gap at the bottom of the door or window. There are also a wide range of flexible draught excluders, usually made from sheathed foam, which come in rolls and can be used to seal around the frames of external doors and windows to stop draughts from entering. 

While it’s important to have some natural ventilation; in fact The Energy Saving Trust recommends that the air in your home should change through natural ventilation at a rate of 0.5 to 1.0 times per hour, many older houses have warped or ill fitting external doors and windows which can increase energy consumption and lead to wasted money on fuel bills because of  heat loss. 

Preventing draughts not only makes your home feel more comfortable, but it also saves you money. It has been shown that simply fitting a draught excluder to front doors, back doors or windows may reduce heat loss by up to 30% in extreme cases and savings of 10% to 20% are common. Draught excluders are one of the most common and efficient measure which you can take, in terms of the cost of fitting and the potential savings, to reduce your energy bills for your home during the cold spell.

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