Draft excluder and do you need one

In the quest for a warm and welcoming home during those chilly winter months, the trusty draught excluder has been a go-to solution for generations. Traditionally, these lifesavers were as simple as rolling up an old blanket or a scrap of fabric, forming a makeshift tube, and placing it at the base of your front, or back door. Their purpose? To keep the relentless cold at bay.

Fast forward to today, and draught excluders have evolved into sophisticated tools of warmth. Many modern double-glazed windows and doors come equipped with built-in draught excluders, sealing your home like a fortress against the elements. But fear not if your abode boasts older or more unique entryways – you can easily retrofit them with DIY draught excluders.

These DIY draught excluders typically consist of a straightforward aluminum strip (known as the carrier) adorned with a flexible silicone or rubber strip. This humble invention excels at sealing the gap under your doors or windows. Moreover, you'll find a plethora of flexible draught excluders on the market, often crafted from sheathed foam and sold in convenient rolls. These can be expertly applied around the frames of your external doors and windows, creating an impermeable barrier against those pesky draughts.

While some level of natural ventilation is essential, The Energy Saving Trust recommends that your home's air should naturally change at a rate of 0.5 to 1.0 times per hour. Yet, for those residing in older homes with warped or ill-fitting exterior doors and windows, the consequences can be dire. Energy consumption soars and money trickles away through inflated fuel bills due to heat loss.

But here's the golden nugget of wisdom: preventing draughts is not just about keeping cozy; it's also about keeping your wallet happy. Research has proven that a simple draught excluder can significantly reduce heat loss, potentially saving you up to 30% on your energy bills in extreme cases. Even in less extreme situations, savings of 10% to 20% are quite common. When it comes to both cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, draught excluders top the list of measures to keep your home snug and your finances in check during the frosty season.

So, don't underestimate the power of these unassuming home accessories. Draught excluders are not only your ticket to a cosier living space but also your secret weapon in the battle against rising energy costs.

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