Choosing the right glass design for your front door

Front doors not only welcome visitors to your home, but they also provide you with protection and privacy. Whether you live in a contemporary or traditional home, when choosing glass for front doors there are several factors you should consider before making a decision.

First of all, glass panelled front doors allow a lot of natural light to enter into your home, which may be what you are looking for, but traditional glass panels are easier to break through than front doors made from solid material. If your front door leads directly onto the street you might want to consider toughened or reinforced glass as an option for added security while still allowing natural light to enter.

There are many types of glass design and different types of glass available which offer distinct benefits.

- Obscure glass can be used in locations where there’s a lot of sun as it will allow less natural light to enter than normal glass. It is also a good choice if the panels of glass in the door are quite large because obscure glass provides a bit more privacy.

- Coloured glass can add a touch of interest and elegance to front doors and can compliment the colour of the door, or your home.

- Textured glass, like coloured glass can make front doors look more stylish and interesting and it comes in various thicknesses and levels of obscuration to suit your needs.

- Thermally insulated glass is specially designed to keep cold weather out and heat in. Glass units used in front doors may be double or triple glazed and are very effective at reducing thermal energy transfer.

Whichever glass design or type of glass you choose, you should always consider safety and security, as well as the aesthetic appearance and how it will complement your front door.

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