Replacing a Damaged Letterbox on Your Front Door

At some point, it's likely that we'll all encounter the need to replace a broken letterbox on our front doors. There are several reasons why your letterbox might become damaged or worn over time. These can range from a hurried postman, a low-quality letterbox, an overenthusiastic dog eager to deliver your mail, or perhaps one that's a little too keen on warding off intruders.

If your letterbox has come loose from its hinges or has lost its luster, we're here to provide guidance on how to source and fit a suitable replacement. First and foremost, let's remove the old letterbox from your external door, but do so with care, as you'll need to reattach it later. We'll start by taking all the necessary measurements to ensure we order the correct replacement.

Once you've carefully removed the screws securing your letterbox to your front door or gently pried it out, it's time to take measurements. Begin by measuring the width and height of the hole in your entrance door (not the actual letterbox). Lastly, note down the depth of the door itself. With these measurements in hand, you're ready to proceed in reverse order by re-fitting the letterbox securely back into place.

Now, the exciting part begins—finding a stylish new letterbox for your front door! You can explore a great selection at While doing so, be sure to consider that your chosen letterbox should align with the measurements you've taken. In the product description, you'll often find that the letterbox depth ranges from 30mm to 60mm, making it compatible with door depths within this range.

The same principle applies to height and width. Armed with your new letterbox, you're all set to fit it in, and the good news is, it's a fairly straightforward process, especially since you've already done it once or twice before. Enjoy your newly refreshed front door!

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