Benefits of Good Ventilation in the Home

Good ventilation is a key factor in making sure that your home will always be comfortable and welcoming, both for yourself and for visitors. There are many products available to ensure good ventilation. Homes fitted with UPVC windows and doors enjoy an especially wide range, as there are suitable for solutions such as trickle vents. Some of the benefits of installing a home ventilation system include:

Cleaner Air
You may be surprised to learn that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. There have been many estimates as to just how much more pollution is in the air inside your home, but the figure is somewhere between two and five times that found outdoors. There are a number of reasons for this. Much of this comes from appliances. Cleaning products and even human breath can also contribute. While these produce far less pollution than outdoor factors such as vehicles, outdoor pollution quickly spreads out in the Earth's vast atmosphere. Indoor pollution, on the other hand, is trapped by the walls and roof of the house. Solutions such as trickle vents fitted to UPVC windows can help keep your home ventilated, giving you fresher, more pleasant air.

Better Health
Cleaner air is more pleasant to breathe. However, providing your home with a steady supply of clean air can also benefit yourself. Air pollution, including the types of air pollution that are found at high levels indoors, can contribute to various health conditions. In particular, long-term exposure can affect the health of your lungs and of your heart. According to the UK government, children and those with existing illnesses are especially at risk. Good ventilation can help prevent this and ensure that you and your family remain in good health.

Temperature Control
By taking air out of your home and letting fresh outdoor air in, some ventilation solutions can help to keep your home cool. This is mainly true of active ventilation systems, which use fans to encourage greater amounts of air to be exchanged than you would get from just opening a window. Other solutions can help keep your home ventilated without making it too cold in winter. With your heating on and windows firmly closed, indoor air pollution can be a particular problem at this time. UPVC windows fitted with trickle vents can keep a steady supply of fresh air coming in without letting icy blasts enter your home.

Cut Condensation
Another problem that can strike you're home in winter is condensation, mostly on windows but also on other surfaces. Initially, this may seem like less of a problem than air pollution. UPVC windows are at least resistant to the warping that condensation can cause in wooden windows, but moisture still encourages mould and mildew which can impact on the long-term health of your home and its residents. Installing trickle vents on UPVC windows and keeping them open in winter can help moisture to escape and prevent condensation from building up.

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