Advantages of Upgrading to Triple Glazing

The benefits of double glazing seem like a no-brainer, to the point where it's become the standard for new window installations. If any home or business still has single glazing, it's probably either because it's a historic building or simply that its windows haven't been replaced in a very long time.

But triple glazing is a comparatively new concept, and many people wonder whether it actually brings any real benefits. When you already have two panes of glass in a window, is there really good reason to upgrade to three? In fact, upgrading to triple glazed windows can bring some very definite benefits in all the same key areas as double glazing can.

Energy Efficiency
Without a doubt, energy efficiency is the star feature of triple glazed windows. Double glazing made huge improvements on energy efficiency compared to single glazing, and triple glazed windows have taken things significantly further still in this area.

Windows are definite weak points in your home when it comes to preventing energy loss. As far as heat energy is concerned, they are virtually holes in your walls through which heat can travel more-or-less freely. Two panes of glass with an insulating cavity has long proven a highly effective way to cut down on the amount of heat, but still a lot is lost. Adding a third pane and an extra cavity reduces the energy lost to very low levels indeed compared to other types of window. Triple glazed windows have energy efficiency ratings at the prestigious rank of "A," and benefit from exceptionally low U values (a method of measuring heat transfer, where lower values mean less heat is able to escape).

Keeping Your Home Warm
Triple glazed windows help to keep your home warm in the winter. This is pretty much an extension of their high energy efficiency ratings, as it is the practical result of less heat being lost through the windows. As more heat is kept inside your home, your home stays at a comfortable temperature and you can keep your home comfortable with the heating on lower settings.

This means that upgrading your home's energy efficiency with triple glazing is not only good for the environment, but also good for you. It allows you to remain more comfortable in the winter with less effort, and brings down your energy bills to help offset some of the initial installation costs over time.

Sound Insulation
Just as windows are among the places where heat can escape from your home most easily, so they are a prime place for sounds from outside to leak in. Nuisance noises outside your home can penetrate thin panes of glass more easily than a solid brick wall. This is another of the advantages that has long been associated with double glazing – it provides your home with better sound insulation.

Once again, triple glazing takes this benefit even further. Having three panes of glass and two insulating cavities helps to keep sound out in much the same way as it helps to keep heat in. This means that noise from outside is less likely to disturb or irritate you.

If you require a quote on triple glazed windows why not visit our UPVC Windows page where you an customise and quote yourself, just remember to select “Triple Glazing” as an extra, and if you require any assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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