Options & Extras

The items listed below can be ordered with our products as extras. Simply select a product to get started and if you have any questions contact us and we'll be happy to help.



  • Urn Knocker

    Urn Knocker

    Available with composite doors and upvc doors only, sometimes knockers are sent loose for final positioning, please enquire for details.
    Learn more about Urn Knockers

  • Spy Hole

    Spy Hole

    Available with composite doors and upvc doors only, sometimes spy holes are sent loose for final positioning, please enquire for details.
    Learn more about spy holes

  • Lever Pad Handle

    Lever Pad Handle

    This option replaces the external lever with a pad, once closed a key is required to open from outside, available on composite and upvc range.
    Learn more about lever pad handles

  • Numerals


    Personalize your new door with our house numbers, which are available in gold, chrome and black. Available with composite and upvc doors only.
    Learn more about door numerals

  • Security Chain

    Security Chain

    For extra peace of mind we offer self-assembly security chains. Available in gold, chrome and black on composite doors only.
    Learn more about security chains

  • Clear glass

    Letter Boxes

    Letterplates open up to 180 degrees and are available in gold, chrome, black and white, on composite, stable, French and UPVC doors only.
    learn more about letterboxes

  • Cat Flap

    Cat Flap

    Cat flaps are available with stable, French, patio, bi-fold and UPVC doors. We will cut holes in glass only (not panel) and they are self assembly.
    Learn more about cat flaps

  • Thermal Upgrade

    Thermal Upgrade

    This option will save you money throughout the winter. It will upgrade the glass to: Argon gas, warm edge spacer bars and low E film, improving the U Value.
    Learn more about thermal upgrade

  • Trickle Vents

    Trickle Vents

    Trickle vents are available throughout the range (excluding composite) allowing extra ventilation through a controlled vent which can be opened/closed.
    Learn more about trickle vents

  • Yale Key Free Lock

    Yale Key Free Lock

    Yale key free is only available on composite doors and offers a convenient key fob to open your door just like on a car, yet still giving high security locking.
    Learn more about Yale key free lock

  • Thumb Turn Cylinders

    Thumb Turn Cylinders

    Thumb turn cylinders are available on all doors, giving an alternative to having a key hole on the inside. Instead you just flick the thumb turn (key hole outside)
    Learn more about thumb turn cylinders

  • Fixing Kits

    Fixing Kits

    Fixing kits are available with all products, and include everything you need to properly install your new door or window.
    Learn more about fixing kits

  • Low Threshold

    Low Threshold

    Low thresholds lower height (step) in through the door and reduce a trip hazard, ideal for wheel chairs, prams, elderly and children or simply just for better looks.
    Learn more about at downloads page

  • Sills in 150 & 85mm

    Sills in 150 & 85mm

    Your door/window will usually require a sill (unless a concrete sill is present) and shown right is a most common 150 sill. Also see our measuring guide.
    Learn more about weather sills

  • Side & Top Windows

    Side & Top Windows

    We offer side and top windows, being anything from a small window above, to a set of matching panels. Also any upvc window can be joined using a coupler.
    Learn more about composite panels & upvc panels