Top & side panel right

The sizes entered here are overall frame sizes. We recommend deducting 10mm for clearance

A - Door width
Enter door width including frame

B - Overall height
Enter overall height including existing sill unless it is NOT going to be replaced, I.E. A concrete sill is present

C - Panel width
Enter width of side panel

D - Topline height
Enter height of the top window

Tip Check information available for sills, add-ons and thresholds to assist you further.

N.B.1 Side panels come as a separate frame and include a joining coupler as standard

N.B.1 Top windows are joined to the door and come with clear glass as standard

For more details on measuring, please visit our measuring guide page where you can also download handy, printable survey sheets to help you.

IMPORTANT: We will always manufacture to the sizes you enter, so you must make any deductions yourself.

TOP TIP! Measure to the underside of the existing sill unless it will NOT be replaced. IE a concrete sill is present. If you need a sill, enter the overall height measurement, including the sill.

When measuring, we recommend you measure the aperture in 3 places. I.e. when measuring the width, measure at the top, middle, and bottom, and likewise, with the height, you should measure from the left, middle, and right side. Then, take the smallest size of each, and deduct 10mm from your ordering size. You may have heard the term; measure twice, cut once. The same applies here too! Take your time measuring and getting it the right first time. You can also download our easy-to-use, printable survey sheet to assist you.

If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your friendly, helpful team for advice. We are on hand between 8am and 5pm Monday - Friday to assist you. We are more than willing to help you and provide the necessary information you need to measure correctly. Get it the right the first time, with Just Value Doors.