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Composite stable door range

About Our Stable Doors

We offer a vast selection of stable doors in both UPVC and composite materials. Stable doors are more versatile than a standard front or back door as they provide maximum ventilation without having to fully open the door. This also makes them ideal for keeping pets and children safely indoors when the top half is open.

How Stable Doors Operate

Our stable doors work as two independent doors giving you freedom to unlock and open the top half but still have the bottom half safely locked in position, and when you need to exit you simply unlock the bottom half. Our composite stable doors can also be opened and closed together as one door whereas with our UPVC stable doors you will lock the bottom half and then the top. However both the UPVC and composite options allow the doors to be opened together.

Stable Doors and Security

Our stable doors give all the security benefits you expect from any other front or back door, as Just Value Doors only supply stable doors that meet with home insurance guidelines. We use the Yale Fullex SL16 Crime beater Lock which has been tested and meets the secure be design standard. Find out more about the secured by design nationwide operation www.securedbydesign.com

Energy Efficient Glass

You can choose from a variety of decorative glass options such as diamond lead, square lead, crystal diamond and georgian bar. Not only this; the glass is toughened as standard giving extra strength and adding security. There is also the option to select a “thermal upgrade” which will further upgrade the glass to be more energy efficient be using warm edge spacer bars between the panes and the inside being filled with argon gas.

Colour Options

Our collection of composite stable doors are available in 7 colours being; white, red, green, blue, black, rosewood and dark-wood and are always white inside. The UPVC stable door range however is available in 3 colours being; white light-oak and rosewood and these can be used on the inside or outside So you sure to find an option that will fit perfectly into your homes colour scheme.

Low Thresholds

The low threshold option is available throughout the range and can be ordered as an extra. Low thresholds reduce the height of the step at the bottom. It simply replaces the bottom piece of frame with an aluminium strip. The option is ideal for disabled access and is also beneficial for; the elderly, parents with prams, and anyone who wants to remove a potential trip hazard!

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