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All about Our UPVC Patio Doors

We offer fully customised UPVC patio doors and ensure they are always of a high quality, and delivered or fitted on time. They are supplied with double glazed and toughened glass units as standard, and the outer frames of the UPVC sliding patio doors and fully reinforced using galvanised steel around the corners as well as the entire length of the outer frames.

We Only Use The Best Quality Materials

The locking system used is highly advanced and once the lock is in position, and fixed in numerous points the doors are extremely secure. The glass will also work to improve the doors energy efficiency by allowing heat to enter through the doors but also stop it escaping, by cleverly deflecting heat through the glass panes.

How Patio Doors Work

Patio doors work by 2 or more glass panes sliding from one side to the other, to open and close the door. With a 2 pane sliding patio door set 1 pane will stay fixed and the other will slide from one side to the other. You can choose which side will slide and which will be fixed and this option can be selected as the “master door” on the ordering page, and the master door will slide.

Colours Available

Our UPVC patio doors are available in three different colour choices and you can choose from white, rosewood and oak finishes. The sliding patio doors can be coloured on both sides if needed, or just one or the other to suit your home. Please select a door style above to find colour options.

The locking system

Our locking systems ensure the door is locked in more places than one and this is done by the use of rollers and hook bolts. The rollers simply slot into grooves in the external frame as well as hook bolts which are forced into their own openings giving maximum security. The locking design has been tested again and again and has been found to exceed the levels of cover needed for home insurance purposes.

The Energy Efficient Glass

The glass used in our patio doors is made by Pilkington and then double glazed and toughened. The overall depth of the units is 28mm and this is made up by using 2 panes of 4mm thick glass and a 20mm spacer. Also the glass is energy efficient so to reflect heat back into your home, so the glass must be fitted the right way round in order for it to be effective! Also there are glass options such as diamond lead, square lead and Georgian bar to choose from.

1, 2 or 3 Pane Patio Door

The amount of panes in your patio door will depend on the overall width of the opening and there are size restrictions accosted with this. If you want to find out more about the size limitations of our UPVC patio doors then simply click on the relevant door above and you will be guided through to a page where you will be asked to enter the sizes, and then next to the box it will tell you which sizes are aloud with the selected style, whether it be a 3 or 4 pane sliding UPVC patio door.

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