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About Our UPVC French Doors

Our UPVC French Doors are made from the finest materials and built to stand the test of time, with energy efficient double glazed and toughened glass fitted as standard you're sure to feel safe and secure in your home. In addition the UPVC outer frames are fully reinforced with galvanised steel for added strength and rigidity. Our cheap French doors for homes can be fabricated in a variety of styles to include extras such as side and top panels; these can also have opening windows and trickle vents added to them for extra ventilation.

Custom Built Using High Quality Materials

As our UPVC French doors are fully made to measure made so you know your getting a frame that's going to fit your property perfectly. So whether you require the doors to open inwards or outwards – the main door on the left or the right, extra side panels, upgraded glass, or even coloured hardware the choice is yours.

Safety Glass

The glass used in our UPVC external French Doors is of excellent quality and not only toughened but also built to insulate your home. With the use of warm edge spaces between the glass panes and the gap between being filled with argon gas we are able to achieve an extremely energy efficient French door set, and when installed correctly will greatly reduce heat loss. There is also the option for Georgian bar, square lead and diamond lead designs as well as frosted privacy glass if required.

Locking System

The locking system we use on our UPVC French Doors is paramount, and comes complete with a highly sophisticated locking mechanism as standard. With use of the "Yale Fullex SL16 Crime beater Lock giving latch locking, hook bolts as well as rollers all being engaged into the door frame when the door is locked you can rest assured you'll be safe and secure in your home.

Threshold Options

Our UPVC French Doors are available with a low threshold option and this simply replaces the bottom piece of frame with an aluminium strip that sits at a lower level. In turn this has proven to be a popular choice with wheelchair users as with a wide double door entrance along with a low threshold is the perfect solution and is also perfect for reducing a trip hazard.

Adjustable Hinges

Our French Doors come as standard with adjustable hinges which enable the doors to move once installed to get them locking just right. This helps with ease of installation and also acts as a safe guard should your UPVC French doors drop slightly over time. With a tweak of an alum key the door can be lifted back into place to ensure a smooth operation.

10 Stunning Colour Finishes

Our beautiful UPVC French doors come as standard in white but are also available in 8 other colours including: rosewood, light-oak, red, blue, green, black, cream, chartwell-green and grey and we can offer these colours on both sides of the door if required. These colours do endure extra cost and you can save on cost by having your UPVC French door coloured on just the outside but not inside. Please select a door style below to find out more about colour options.

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