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Timber doors still being used on new build propertys

24 April 2012 - 3 years ,5 months , 15 days ago

Timber doors still being used on new build propertys

Recently I moved into a new property, the building was only finished in mid January 2012 and came complete with a stable looking oak timber front door, and as you can see the look is appealing, with a beautiful finish and its heavy solid feel keeping you feeling safe and secure. But I'm one of the lucky ones!

I have a communal entrance door and my front door is not exposed to the elements and stays warm and dry all year round, but for the vast majority of the UK, front doors take an extreme battering from the climate here. And with this being the case you will need to repaint your timber door year after year, and for some, having the advantages is worth while. However there is an alternative...

A better alternative...

A composite front door for homes are a great way to keep your home warm and secure but not compromise on any “curb appeal” with a wood grain affect on the front and back and a choice of colours you can create a unique door for your home as you can with any timber door. With composite doors becoming more and more popular, new timber door installation are becoming far fewer and its been foretasted that soon timber doors will enter a much faster decline and eventually end up being fitted to only the most unique new build property’s. EG private investors, property developers and diy enthusiasts.

So owning a maintenance free timber front door I really cant complain but if you want to view an alternative maintenance free even when exposed! front door, then take a look at some composite front doors at there is a great selection right here.

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