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Reduce your energy bills!

20 April 2012 - 3 years ,5 months , 16 days ago

Reduce your energy bills!

Central Heating Timer

Getting the timer set to come on and off at just the right times is essential to keeping as economical as possible. Most heating systems will have the option to set up a simple programme to make the heating come on and off as required on a 24 hour bases, however some of the newer timers also have the option to set the program into the future so you can leave the programme running and your heating will come on and off exactly when it needs to for up to a week, heating your home as efficiently as possible all week long. This would be ideal for someone working on a shift rota where each day at home would be different.

So to make sure your boilers not on for any longer than it needs to be, we must establish a few things things first. When dose your home need to be warm? How long dose it take to feel at a comfortable temperature? (this is known at the warm-up) and lastly how long dose it take to cool back down? (the cool-down).

To work this out accurately its best to choose a cold evening, turn your heating on and time just how long it takes for your home to feel at a comfortable temperature. Then simply turn the heating off completely and time how long it takes to return to an get uncomfortably cold temperature. Now your able to set your timer to include the warm up and warm down times. So for example you can set your heating to come on and your home to be warmed up before you get up in the morning, and then set it to go off before you go out to allow for the cool down time.

If you insulate your home, not only will the warm up time be reduced, the cool down time will be increased, meaning overall your heating will need to be on for less. A great way to insulate your home is by adding wall and loft insulation as well as using energy efficient windows and front doors.

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